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Bathroom Renovation Hamilton

Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular areas for both residential and commercial properties due to costs being highly affordable and the time required to complete a project.

Transforming dated bathrooms into completely new and welcoming spaces is very popular for the Hamilton and surrounding area. Plumbline Construction are highly experienced so your project from start to finish will be both quick and efficient so you can start enjoying your new space.

Regardless of your taste and vision for the bathroom we will be able to provide you various options and materials which will aid you on realizing your dream in to reality.

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Bathroom Renovation
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Bathroom Shower

Types of Bathroom Renovations

There are numerous reasons why homeowners remodel their bathrooms.
The home is 20 years old, and our customers have told us they want to make cosmetic modifications.

Some claim they don’t require a bathtub and only need a larger shower. Others have mentioned that the expansion of their family has made it necessary to build a bathroom.

Whatever your motivation for remodeling your bathroom, it is undeniable that this project has one of the best rates of return on investment of any home improvement.

Cosmetic: These simple updates are for aesthetic purposes that can drastically alter the look of the room.

Countertops, vanities, and sinks can all be updated as part of a straightforward bathroom redesign. Homeowners frequently replace the flooring, paint, and wall tiles while renovating a bathroom. When upgrading their bathrooms, the majority of homeowners will upgrade their faucets and fixtures.

Simple bathroom renovations don’t involve shifting the floor plan.

Some customers decide to turn a shower into a tub for a young child or add a sink for their spouse. Many times, homeowners will move the location of the toilet, build a closet, or install a vanity by moving the footprint of the room.

How It Works

Our process is simple and straightforward. We know that our customers want straight work and straight talk.

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Simple as answering a few questions about your current bathroom and the goals for your renovation.

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Initial meeting to further learn more about your project and provide you with full transparency for pricing.

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Complete Design

Our designer helps creates a space your pleased with and provides details in drawings, materials and timeline.

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Be involved in our building process by communicating directly with our professionals as they fulfill your projects goals.

Bathroom Renovation Pictures

Our basement renovation service at begins with a visit of the house by our manager with the property owner.  We investigate the foundation and analyze the viability of design and revisions.  Our experts keen eyes look for cracks, peeled paint, water damage and other issues.

The obvious issues like leaking basement walls, discoloration, and moist drywall that has become moldy will immediately be noted.  Inspection continues by determining the integrity of load-bearing beams and supports and look for any leaky basement windows.